Blogging Platforms

List of Paid Blog Sites That Can Make Money

July 20, 2019

1.¬† is an open source platform for bloggers, and it comes with a token fee to use this platform. You can host your blog on this platform for as low as $2.75 a month which may vary depending on the host you are hosting your blog on. With, you will enjoy the use […]

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List of Free Blog Sites for Bloggers

June 15, 2019

1.¬† Blogger is one of the best free blog sites for bloggers which is owned by Google. And with Google affiliated to the platform, you have the luxury of earning money through ad revenue from Google Adsense. It is the only free platform where you can install Google Adsense and earn money from ads. With […]

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How to start a blog?

May 4, 2019

Starting a blog has become easy as you no longer need any technical skill or coding to start a blog with an easy to use platforms available. To start a blog, the first step is choosing the right platform after you have an idea on the content of your blog. In choosing the platform for […]

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