How to start a blog?

Starting a blog has become easy as you no longer need any technical skill or coding to start a blog with an easy to use platforms available. To start a blog, the first step is choosing the right platform after you have an idea on the content of your blog.

In choosing the platform for your blog, you have to consider the method of monetization you intend to use to make money from your blog. Some of the best blog sites to consider in choosing a platform for blogging are and While is suitable for an online store, ad revenue, sponsored ads, and affiliate marketing, is mainly suitable for making money with ad revenue using Google AdSense.

Blogger is a free platform, and you can start blogging as soon as you register on the platform for free. Blogger is the best option if you do not want to spend money to start a blog as they have already pre-installed templates that you can use and start blogging immediately you finish registering, it is suitable for beginners to get the hang of blogging before investing money in blogging.

Another suitable platform for those who have experience in blogging is, with free software and plugins that will enable you to create a preferred blog according to your style. You will have to spend money on hosting and paying for a domain name when making use of this platform. You can learn how to use this platform with available customer support and tutorial video. is the best blog sites to make money with features that you can use for affiliate marketing, ad revenues, sponsored ads, online stores with e-commerce with the right plugin and templates.

Blogs offering wholesale or dropshipping business information

One of the best blogging platforms that offer wholesale and dropshipping business information is Shopify. Shopify is a platform that is specialized mainly for taking care of e-commerce business for your blog. With Shopify, you can set up your blog for online business, and they have the right support for wholesale and dropshipping business.

Pros of Making Money from Blogging

Here are some:

· You earn money from your passion from those that love writing.

· You work at your own pace and time

· One of the easy online business to start online.

· You require little or no capital to start.

Cons of Making Money from Blogging

Here are some:

· It takes time to start making money online.

· You have to dedicate lots of time in the business.

· It easy to set up but requires work and time.

We have been able to list out some of the best blog sites both paid and free platform and their features. With these blog sites, you can start your online business, choosing the right platform that suits you and your budget. Along with the passion for blogging, the right platform is essential in making money from blogging and this we have help to provide details about in this article.

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